What About Me?

Warwick MC

One of my personal bug bears is when an MC says, “And now for a person who needs no introduction…” and then spends five minutes introducing them! Most of us have been to meetings or networking functions where people are introduced by their resume (at least it feels like they are reading their resume.)

Here is the secret of a brilliant introduction: the introduction is NOT about the person you are introducing. What people forget is that the introduction means more to the AUDIENCE that the presenter.

That is not just for presentations either. Think about when you are introduced to someone at a networking event. What has more value to you?
“This is Jill Jones she is the CEO of Jones International”
“This is Jill Jones. Her business specialises in graphic design and branding. I recall you saying you were looking at yours recently.”
In the second introduction you will love the context you get about Jill and Jill loves the referral the introducer is giving her.

So how are your introductions?

If you want better introductions, join me on Wednesday 7th November for a complimentary webinar on How to Create and Deliver a Great Introduction. If you can’t make that time, no worries, simply register and you will get access to the recording.

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By the way, this is not a normal webinar where I talk and you listen. This is a hands on workshop where you will create an introduction and we walk through what will make your introduction better.

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