What about Others?

What about others?

It is very easy to get hung up about how things are for you in a situation, but what about others?

Melbourne recently got hit by a hail storm and unfortunately, wifey and I got caught in it in our 2 week old car. The car now has serious dents all over it (only the drivers door was spared) and it will now have to be fixed. While that is disappointing and frustrating for us, what about others?

I saw one guy trying to stop water from flooding up the driveway and into his house. Wifey’s relatives have had their patio roof smashed, the TV has images of peoples with their ceilings caved in and others got physically injured by hail at an outdoor festival – so we got off very lightly.

Next time you have a situation, stop to think “What about others?”

* If you have an irate customer, how would things be from their perspective?
* If you have a disagreement with a colleague, what is the impact of the situation on them?
* If a friend is not doing or saying what you want, what is going on for them?

Considering the situation from different angles helps you get a better and healthier perspective on your own situation and helps you focus on the solution and

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