What CAN You Do?

broken leg in jeans

Today marks the last day of the fifth week of my broken leg and ankle (not that I am counting).

When I talk with my friends, family and customers they are quite surprised how positive I am.

Now don’t get me wrong. The cast is uncomfortable, it is hard to get around, crutches are no where near as much fun as my childhood memories, I can’t do anything around the house, making myself a cup of coffee is almost impossible and I have started to dream about walking.

To stay positive, I am firmly focussed on what I CAN do and not on what I can’t.

If I started to focus on what I can’t do, I would enter a spiral of self-pity, depression and self-loathing that would help no-one. While it is not easy, I am choosing to focus on what I CAN do.

Focussing on the simple things of being able to go to the toilet by myself, pat my dog, being able to put on jeans and go out for a coffee (like the Werribee Mansion where we went on Sunday as per the photo), take phone calls, write blogs, record podcasts, keeps me positive.

Coupling that with gratitude for all the positive things I have in my life means that my attitude stays healthy while my body heals. Yes it is inconvenient not being able to walk for the next 10 weeks but I know from personal experience how fortunate I am to have such a minor accident. My reason to be in hospital for four days was a simple one with a known answer. I have some brilliant friends, family and colleagues who have been visiting and keeping me fed. I am relatively independent on my crutches and I have experienced hardly any pain.

What about your situation? If you are stuck, feeling blocked, impacted by external factors just ask yourself, “What CAN you do?”

Then simply start doing that.