What Can You Throw?


This is the tree just outside my office window. The blossoms are stunning and it is more proof that in the southern hemisphere, spring is upon us.  So it must be time for some spring cleaning.

Not just around the house either. It is a great time to consider your business and place of work. What have you got there that no longer serves you or the business? What have you been thinking of deleting, ejecting, getting rid of, or being free of?  What have you been tolerating?

  • Maybe it is an employee? If so, make time to start them on a performance improvement plan.
  • It could be a process. If so, revisit the process and make it more relevant and effective.
  • Your desk may need a tidy up. Put time aside (twice as much as you think you need) and tidy it.
  • It may be time to archive some filing. Do a backup and then delete it or have the files put in the archive area.

Whatever it is, it will take time. Book that time in your diary and ask yourself, What Can You Throw?

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