What Day Is It?

In Australia, we are celebrating Father’s Day today – as we always do on the first Sunday in September. I am not yet a Father (but the practice is going well) so when my niece wished me a happy Father’s Day I had to tell her it wasn’t for me. She then decided it should be changed to Boy’s Day.

I think Boy’s Day better reflect’s the intent of the day. What defines a family today is so broad. With blended families, mended families, nuclear families, same sex families, generational families, functional families and even dysfunctional families one title does not fit all. For many of us, we have or have had Father Figures who we reflect on today even if they are not our fathers.

The commercialisation of “Day’s” that we have is not something I enjoy. It feels like we have the celebration for the sake of company profits. Yes there is a loose connection to a good intent but the underlying theme is having a “Day” for a specific person or role.

Today I will be following the advice of my niece Darci and celebrating Boy’s Day.  I will be giving thanks to all the men and boys in my life who have had a positive impact on me or parts of my life. From my brother to my father-in-law, mother’s boyfriend, Bromance, brother-in-law and many others.  Big thanks to you all. I hope you have a great day and I really appreciate your support, guidance and love.

What is this day for you?

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