What Do You Do?

Sometimes, you just have to do something. It may not be much, but it is something.

My friend Melina from M.A.D. Woman is having a crappy time at the moment – literally!

She runs the Making A Difference Foundation where they provide food and basic items to the needy all around Australia.

Recently they had to vacate their premises as it was to be demolished to build some new apartments. Melina spent some time trying to find a new place with enough storage for all of their donated items as well as office space for the team to work out of.

A week before they had to move, things got really crappy. The sewage pipes in the building burst over a weekend.

The raw sewage made a mess of the place. Tragically three large skips of items to be donated had to be thrown away as it was all contaminated with waste. Loads of their office supplies and materials had to be thrown.

I rang her to ask her what could I do to help and during this call Melina told me she was close to just shutting up shop, but that is not the kind of girl she is. To kick off the new phase of life for the foundation, she is running a trivia night to raise money to restart the foundation.

When asking “What can I do?” she replied that I could host and run the trivia night for them. So that is exactly what I am doing.

In asking what can YOU do, well you can buy a ticket to come along to the Collingwood town hall on Thursday 23rd October, you can make a donation of money or goods for those who need it or you can pass on the details of the trivia night to someone you know may be interested.

Much like when friends, colleagues or projects need some assistance you just need to do something. Often it is little things that we can do – but the little things can have a huge impact.

If you want to do something for Melina and M.A.D. check out their website here.