What Happens After?

So often we get focussed on the event or the meeting or the conference or the get together, that we forget about what happens after.  On most occasions, the real value is after the event. For some the activities after is the icing on the cake that magnifies the value.

Let me give some examples:

  • The personalised thank you cards the go out after the wedding referring to the gift you gave
  • A confirmation email following a prospect visit detailing actions you will take and next steps
  • Review of a project to look at what went well to repeat and what did not go well, to improve
  • Actions to implement new ideas or skills after a training session or annual conference
  • Arranging appointments after a trade show to convert your message into sales

So when you are next having a significant event, make sure you pay enough attention to What Happens After – that’s where the real value is.

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