What is the Reality?

Hole in Roof

Someone, somewhere has really upset Mother Nature. Friends in the US and Europe are telling me about massive snow dumps and incredible low temperatures. Here in Australia we have flooding, cyclones, bush fires and unseasonal rain fall. Can whoever upset Mother Nature please apologise!

With all the rain in Melbourne, we were also affected. The picture is of my lounge room – note the massive hole in the ceiling where the plaster used to be. It is amazing what one broken tile can do.

As I was bemoaning this situation to Wifey, I had a flash of reality. There were people in flood ravaged Brisbane or Cyclone ravaged Queensland who would be happy to have just a tile of their house. The reality is that while I had a problem it was really rather insignificant compared to the problems of others.

The same can be said for problems we find in our working lives. At the time they can seem insurmountable, inconvenient and a massive block to achieving your goal. Looking at your situation with a healthy perspective does of a lot to remove the emotional blockages. You can then focus on addressing the issue one step at a

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So when you next have an insurmountable issue, what is the reality?

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