What Sort of Impression Do You Make?

There are so many competitors out there. They may not be exactly competitors but there are company and businesses that overlap on your patch of the world. It may be a team member “competing” for the next new opportunity, a similar business that competes with yours or someone exhibiting at the same show as you vying for the visitors attention.

Wifey reminded me this morning that I make big impressions everywhere I go. Whenever we go shopping, I have fun with the check out chick (or check out chap). I figure they are not going anywhere

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and I know there name (courtesy of the name tag) so I talk to them. They give me the standard “Hi how are you?” and I make a big impression “Fantastic, Fabulous, Any happier and I would explode”. Maybe not all of those words but some of them! Then have a bit of a laugh with them. When wifey went to the supermarket on the weekend, the checkout operator said, “Shopping on your own today?” My impression was so big that the checkout operator remembered me and Wifey and noticed that I wasn’t there.

I do the same things when I am working with my exhibitor clients. I live by the theory, if you are speaking to no-one, speak to everyone! When someone walks by the booth I make an impression. I engage with them by simple small talk that can then engage them in to a relevant discussion. It could be a memorable one liner, and engaging question about them or a statement that makes them laugh. Play with it and see what works.

What about you? What sort of impression do you make? Will they remember you? Will they notice if you are not there? How can you make it bigger, better and more memorable?

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