What's Happening to the World?

There is too much terrorism but WE are letting them have the power. Here is what I am doing to fight back.

I am concerned about the increasing racism I see on my internet feed from people who I thought knew better. The blaming of Muslims for terrorism as if they are the only religion who has had extremists tarnish their faith is wrong and easily proven so.

I have several Muslim friends and I have a great deal of respect for their religion. I have Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Agnostic, Hippy, Wiccan, 12 Steppers and even apathetic friends. Most of them live their beliefs and don’t try and ram them down my throat. I respect their beliefs and their right to have them.

What I cannot tolerate is people forcing their ignorance on me or others.

Please refrain from blaming “Muslims” for terrorism. Here are some examples of Extremist Christian’s terrorism to prove my point.

Acts of Terrorism are typically performed by people who have a skewed perspective on the world and use a construct like religion to justify to themselves their course of action. Succumbing to the fear and hatred only proves them right. Individuals perform acts of terrorism, not religions.

I will be fighting terrorism by continuing to live my life as I would have without them. I will continue to learn about other beliefs to increase my understanding rather than jumping to conclusions. i will continue to tolerate things I don’t yet understand or have an appreciation of. I will continue to smile at strangers, give trust without grounding, expect the best of people, talk to people I interact with, include people in my life regardless of their faith, race or creed and laugh out loud at things I think are funny.

Would you care to join me?