What’s your ROI?

I was speaking to the Australasian Marketing Manager of a large IT company today. Naturally we got to talking about Trade Shows. He said that he always measures the ROI of the show and they are becoming to expensive and the cost per new client was too high. So much so that he was going to avoid Trade Shows for quite awhile.

Then he steeled himself. Surely as a supposed Trade Show guru I would try and talk him back to the Trade Show. So naturally I said, “Good on you, if the ROI doesn’t add up – don’t go!”

Of course we chatted more and I shared my thoughts on the value of Trade Shows but what was important is that he measured the value of the show to his company. So many exhibitors don’t! They go for a nebulous, immeasurable reason – or worse a measurable reason that they don’t measure, and then can’t tell if it was worthwhile going.

Trade Shows are big business. The organiser is in it to make money – they charge accordingly. You need to ask yourself is this the best place for your business to place your marketing money. For some businesses a Trade Show is the back bone of their marketing plan, for others it is an excessive waste.

What about you? Is the Trade Show worth it? If you don’t know you need to find out how to measure that. Naturally, I am always happy to help!!


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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