When It Rains

There is so much about elections in the news at the moment. From Trump vs Clinton to Brexit to our very own federal election here in Australia. The impact of these elections is unknown, widely speculated upon and loaded with fear and uncertainty.

It is so easy to get caught up in the speculation and start to worry unnecessarily about what may or may not happen. There are a lot of commentators, educated people and highly passionate arguments out there. Some are not very nice.

When it rains negativity and intolerance, I need to change my perspective by surrounding myself with something positive. So let’s focus on something good.

As Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of life, play on.” So here is a great burst of music to give you a decent feed. A speaking friend of mine, Rich Allen, has been working with his daughter Pip for the last two years to create her album When It Rains.

Pip wants to share this burst of positivity and delight with the world and so would love for you to have a copy. I have listened to it and really enjoy her delicate vocals and some of the topic matter. There are also different styles of music as well. If you would like a copy, head over to her website and download it.

At the very least have a listen and see what you think.

What about you? When it rains negativity, indifference or unpleasantness on you, how do you deal with it?
How do you protect yourself from this rain and remain focussed on what is important and what brings you joy?