When the Sky Is Falling

Overnight Melbourne had one of the wildest thunderstorms it has even seen. Rolling thunder and lightning (very, very frightening) lasted for hours.

I know it lasted for hours because I lay awake listening to it at 2am and then at 6am. My gorgeous wife struggled to sleep with all the noiseso listened to it for hours also.

Poor Winston (our dog) did not know what to do with himself. He was shaking and probably thought the world was coming to an end. We knew it wouldn’t last so we just comforted him and held him so he knew he was safe.

A couple of friends said that they had to do the same thing with their kids.

Life (and business) is like that. Sometimes you need someone who has been through it before or who has a different context or a great perspective to guide you. This is true whether it is because the sky is falling, you are struggling to achieve the success you are after or you are just facing a problem you don’t know how to deal with.

So what do you do when the sky is falling?
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