Where Do You Get Them?

Let me be blatantly obvious. I am promoting a 30 minute webinar I am running this Friday on Successful Sponsorship Management. You probably got that from the last edition.

I will be covering Where to get sponsors, How to get sponsors and How to retain sponsors. If you want to find out more, be on the call or get access to the recording, register here.

In response to the last edition and some of my marketing of the webinar, I keep getting the questions, “Where do I get sponsors from?”

It is similar to the question, Where Do I Get My New Customers From?

Too often people will say “EVERYONE needs what I am selling.” It may be true but it is really hard work selling to people who don’t want to buy or don’t realise they need your product or service.

My sales coach, Paul McCarthy, has always said, “Go where the love is.” Years of being a muso taught him that it is easier to perform in front of people who love your style of music than those who don’t know it.

What sort of reaction would you get from a punk crowd if you started playing folk music? How would country and western fans respond when you start playing rap music?

It is the same when you are looking for sponsors. Go where the love is. Who loves your stuff, wants your stuff, needs your stuff and will pay money to access your stuff?  They are your IDEAL sponsor.

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