Where Does The Time Go?

It’s Monday … AGAIN!

This seems to keep happening on a regular basis. So why are people surprised when it comes around?

“Can you believe it’s Monday already!”

It’s a bit like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, remembrance days …. you name it, they come around quick.

Can I highly recommend to you that you take advantage of this? [You KNOW that time will go quick, so you have to do more, experience more, be more in the limited time you have left.

Don’t wait to do the thing you have always dreamed of, start it today.

If you don’t start your desire (say piano lessons), in two years time, all you will be is two years down the track and still unable to play the piano. But if you start, you will be able to do way more than you do on a piano today. Even if it is merely to master the art of chopsticks!!

Don’t be the person sitting around waiting for things to happen wondering, “Where Does The Time Go?”