Where’s Your Tribe?


I spent two hours this morning chatting with a friend from my tribe. My tribe is National Speakers; the association of Experts who Speak. It was only supposed to be an hour but once I got started, I found it hard to stop!

They understand my business like no one else does. They understand the ups, the downs, the problems, the opportunities and the excitement of running this kind of business.

They GET me.

While others will sort of get me (even Wifey doesn’t fully understand the business), no-one fully understands like other members of your tribe.

What about you? Where is your tribe? Who fully understands what you are going through?

Sometimes it is a professional association; it can also be a mastermind group or even a networking group of similar people. Whoever they are, find them, be part of them and give to them. By giving to them will you receive something no one else can give.

A sense of understanding and a sense of belonging.

So where’s your tribe?