Why Do You Do It?

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Today I am enjoying the Queen’s Birthday Holiday. It always makes me laugh that the UK don’t get a holiday for her birthday but we in the colonies do!
What better way to start the day than staying in bed reading a book. One of my favourite authors is Stephen King. Not because I am a horror fan (far from it) I just love the way he writes.

His short stories are some of my favourites. Many don’t realise he wrote (among others) The Green Mile, The Mist, Running Man, Stand By Me and Hearts in Atlantis.

In the introduction to Just After Sunset (my current read), he mentions that he

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writes not for the money, not for the fame and not for himself. He writes for those who will read his stories. He writes to create a better experience for them. He is also serious about his writing. In his non-fiction book “On Writing” he says if you are serious about writing you need to read

4 hours a day and write 4 hours a day.

So why do you do what you do? Is it for the money, to provide for those you love, to master the art of it, is it a game or is it to improve the lives of your end customer? How much effort do you spend at your skill? Why Do You Do It?

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