Will You Sing For Good?

I have the honour of being an Ambassador for the Sing For Good program. It is a fun and easy way to contribute to people who need it simply by creating music. Here’s a song I sang earlier (I’m the bald dude up the back on the right):

There is a common saying that “music soothes the savage beast.”

Often the savage beast is the thing between your ears! The modern world can be quite stressful. Whether you are driving in peak hour, dealing with an inbox loaded with email or simply trying to manage a house full of family members, it is easy to get overwhelmed. This is where music comes in.

Now while listening to music is fabulous, performing it yourself gives far more benefits. Personally, the resonance in my body when I sing is as relaxing as a massage. You can feel the tension slip away as you keep singing. You also have to be completely present. You have words, notes and timing to consider all while tuning in to what others around you are doing as well.

Do you sing?

Maybe you don’t sing in a choir like me. Maybe there are a few of you who get together in a garage and bash out a few tunes on your guitars, keyboards and drum kits. Maybe you harmonise in the hallways or echo chambers at a train station. Maybe you sing in the car with the radio blaring loud as you drive along. 

How good does it feel for you? It doesn’t matter how you sound it is the act of performing that feels fabulous and makes you feel fantastic. There is a natural high you get and in that moment, the rest of the world does not exist and all your troubles float away.

Singing is good great for the soul!

Why not share your gift? Why not show others how you can Sing for Good?

The Sing for Good program is very simple. You just have to sing with at least one other person and then upload your video to the Sing for Good website. Visitors with then vote and donate based on your video and the videos of other singers. This then raises funds for all the great work the Sing for Good program does.

There are several categories of entries and winners are NOT selected on talent alone. The key is to participate.

How does that sound to you? Something to sing about?

Keep an eye out as I will be part of several videos to help spread the message. Check out the website to find out how easy it is to enter and have some fun with your friends.

It all starts on 1st August so check it out.

Come on … let’s Sing for Good!