Winners are Grinners

Image: Deep Storage Facebook

This is Susan Earl.

She is an artist, a designer and an award winning director.

Her short film, Deep Storage, won the only award for short films at Geena Davis’ Bentonville Film Festival in Arkansas, USA.

Notice the grin. Winner are grinners.

You know when you wouldn’t have noticed the grin? Most likely during the scripting process, the finance raising, location scouting or the 20 years of foundation work she did before winning the award. Now there most certainly would have been some grins along the way (Susan is a naturally happy woman) but there was a lot of effort, uncertainty, and doubt as well.

This is not the first film win for Susan. A previous animation project, Valmay the Visitor, won Best Animation Short at Paris Independent Film Festival. She has also done a lot of work on other projects, some that were hers and some belonging to others.

What helps make the grin so big is that there is a lot that has gone into this win. She didn’t start out to win an award, she started to tell a decent story with two ideas in mind. What makes a home feel like home and why are storage facilities so prevalent? Why do we have so much stuff and why does it mean so much to us?

So a huge congratulations to Susan and a question for you dear reader. What are you working on today that will have you grinning like a winner in the not to distant future? You don’t have to win an award but your achievement or contribution will make you a winner.

That’s got to be something worth grinning about doesn’t it?