Wonderful Way With Words

I have just returned from a week in Washington DC where I spoke to a “standing room only” crowd who laughed at all my jokes and got a great deal out of my session. (This made me very happy!)

While I was there, I had a look around some of the monuments and galleries. The Hirshhorn Gallery of Modern Art had an installation from Barbara Kruger (the photo above.) It was fascinating and showed a wonderful way with words. She used some quotes of other people and some observations of her own to challenge you and your perspective. These quotes were printed on pieces of vinyl and pasted all over the room, escalator, floor and wherever there was a surface.

With todays “text speak” and web lingustic “shortcuts”, the power of language can be lost. When you don’t get the reaction you are after or need who’s responsible? 

What are you doing to ensure you can truly tap into the power of words? Is it reading the classics? A word a day calendar? Maybe even just stopping someone when they use a word and you don’t know what it means to discover how you could use it.

Communication is so important and I wish for you to have a wonderful way with words.