Would You Like A Drink?

One of the things that many people forget to do is drink.  I don’t mean whip down to the pub and have a sly bevy, I mean drink plenty of fluids during the day.  Too often we can get so involved in what we are working on that we neglect to have enough fluids.  This leads to the typical symptoms of being thirsty, dry lips and also headaches, dizziness and cramping.

For those of us on the trade show or expo floor it is worse.  One of the best ways to release fluid from the body is by talking.  We exhibitors talk non-stop for 8 hours and it is common to do this without any breaks.  So often I see exhibitors get headaches or cramps and lose focus.  I believe a lot of this is not looking after your basic needs.
So the question is how much fluid should you have?

The correct answer is, “It depends”.  The old standard of 8 cups (2 litres) of water a day is not entirely accurate.  There are many factors to consider.  The best thing to do is review this simple guide on the Kidney Health Australia website.  There is some great information there.

Personally, I swear by the old backpacker trick I learned while traveling (it gets handed down from generation to generation).  If your urine is yellow, you are dehydrated so you need to drink more fluids.  Water is the best fluid but others will contribute to re-hydrating you.
So to keep your head clear, your mind focused, your day on track (and your urine clear), drink more fluids!!

Can I offer you a drink?


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