Would your Hard Drive survive?

At any show, it is hard to stand out above the crowd.  Thousands of people coming in the doors, hundreds of exhibitors, loads of press, blogging and tweeting, how can you bee seen???

Here is how ioSafe did it. 

  • They invited reporters to leave the show and go on a field trip
  • They arrived at a typical suburban house
  • Photos were taken of the reporters and loaded on the hard drive in the ioSafe
  • The ioSafe was tossed into the backyard pool
  • It was retrieved about 5 mins later
  • The ioSafe was then placed in a pottery furnace and baked
  • It was removed from the oven and hosed down until it was cool enough to handle
  • The drive was then taken from the safe and the photos were loaded on a handy computer
For the full story, check out Corporate Event Magazine’s write up (full credit to them for the photo too).  It is worth the read as it also talks about how they handled the press releases to their advantage.

While this sounds like a cool thing to do, I am sure most of you don’t have data safes to drown, burn or explode.  But some principals can still be used for your next expo.

  • Can you do something specifically for the press (it would need to be special and not just “let me tell you about my product”)?
  • Can you arrange an offsite meeting?  It could be for hot prospects, press, existing customers, influential industry members – get them away from the cacophony of the show and you are more likely to have their attention.
  • How can you demonstrate your product in action? Telling people about it is never as good as showing them.
  • What can you do that is different from the others, and in particular, different from your competitors?

Now you can take action!

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