You Are Not Alone

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Image: ShutterStock

Trying to achieve your goals and get the results you are after can be draining.

So often you feel like you are alone. It feels like it is you chipping away at a mountain of granite, hoping to make a break through any moment.

Hoping it is the next swing that brings the results. No? Ok, the next swing!

Maybe the next swing …

Never forget, you are not alone. 

Whether you are running your own business, raising a family, working a corporate job or serving as a volunteer, you are not alone.

You are operating in a connected world, so why not use it? 

You know how when other people ask you for help you feel fantastic when you can contribute to them? Why not let others feel that way too. You just have to do one thing.

Ask for help!

Whatever you may want or need, ask for it. You may feel embarrassed, you may feel shy, you may feel like you “should” be able to do it on your own. The reality is you don’t have to.

So what do you need to ask for?

P.S. Let me practice what I preach. I would love it if you could refer me to someone who is organising an event and needs a host or MC. Typically the event will be for 200 people or more. Thanks for the referral!