You Know Better Than That!

You Know Better Than That!

A good friend of mine is going for a senior postion at a very large company.

As a manager, they are AWESOME!

  • They have stood toe to toe with union officials and negotiated powerful outcomes that turned out to be in the best interest of the company and the union member.
  • They have a level of loyalty in their staff that no other manager has ever created in this company before.
  • They continually step up into their boss’ role for prolonged periods as their boss travels and consults elsewhere
  • For seven years in a row their major projects have been nominated for major awards and have won the award on several occasions
  • They are half way through an MBA at Australia’s most prestigious university (and getting really good marks)
  • Their division in the organisation is constantly referred to as the “role model” by the senior executive team
  • They have done the hard yards and performance managed the “dead wood” which has lifted the morale of the team

Having said all of that, my friend still doubts their value and I spent an hour or so coaching them on understanding what they are worth.

Whether you are negotiating salary deals, contracts or any other deal you know better than to discount yourself – yet I see people do it everyday. Women seem to discount their value more often.


This is all about value. Make sure you know what you are worth and hold your value. You are only discounting yourself if you don’t. Be confident and proud about the value you bring. We all know charlatans who got paid more purely because they believed.

So Dear-Reader, what is your value or the value of your product or service?


Here is what Bob Newhart has to say about it.

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