Are You Consistent?

Who would have thought it?

Just one little day late because we had a public holiday and I got several emails wondering where the Get More Goer was.

The reason for this is consistency. Typically (and my apologies for my tardiness this week) the Get More Goer hits your inbox every Monday and it has been doing this for almost 5 years. Naturally some people have come to expect it and

get distressed when it is not there.

The same is true for any business. Consistency is part of the service. You know what will happen, there are no unpleasant surprises. McDonalds is a great example. You know the food will not be of the highest quality and presentation, but it is consistent. So consistent that it is the foundation of its own international economic index.

With it being the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the monarchy is another organisation that has a foundation of consistency, as evidenced in the photo. Years in between photos but the pose is the same.

What about you?

Are you consistent in what you do? Do you make sure that your colleagues, suppliers and customers get no nasty surprises?

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