Are You Crazy?

Toe nailAre You Crazy?

Wifey and I had a great week in Bali. On the last day, we had time to fill in between checkout and our midnight flight. So we went for massages, manicures and pedicures. As they were pedicuring my toes I asked, “Can I have purple toenails?”

The young girls just laughed at me. Then they realised I was genuine. So we went through the colours until I got the purple I was after.
As she was painting she jokingly asked, “Do you want a flower?”
Naturally I said, “Yes please!”
Again she laughed but did it. The photo is the finished result.

Their reaction was one of “are you crazy?”

Many times I have done things and normal, sane, professional people have asked “are you crazy?”

Sure I could have done the normal thing and not had my toes painted. But I would never have seen an artist at work creating flowers with nail polish.
Sure I could have stayed in Melbourne and not taken a job in Wahgunyah 3 hrs from Melbourne but I would never had the exposure to head office that I had working on a small account rather than a large one
Sure I could have not competed in Raw (the Stand Up Comedian competition) but I would not have been able to get the experience in honing my funny bone or know how to hit other peoples.

My biggest fear is that my life will be “beige”. Being crazy or doing crazy things gives me experiences that most don’t have, understanding many search for, perspective few ever see and joy many seek.  So when people ask me “Are you crazy?” I reply, “Yes, and thanks for the compliment.”

What about you?  Are you Crazy? Try it, it does wonders for you.

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