Are You Trained?

BriefingAre You Trained?

I spent three days last week locked in a room with other similar minded entrepreneurs. Well maybe not locked but you get what I mean. We were looking at how to transform our businesses and take them to the next level (or even the one beyond that). The final day was planning and commitments for 2013 with an action plan to help get us there
As a business owner it can be hard to dedicate this kind of time for additional training and development.

As an employee as well, there is always too much to do to spend time off getting training and development.

I have heard it said by many business gurus, “Too many managers say What if I train my employees and they leave, but what if you don’t train them and they stay!”

By the way, don’t wait for others to pay for or approve your training either. If you really want it or need it, be prepared to finance it yourself, after all, you get to keep it!

So what training do you need? What skills do you need to develop? What will you do TODAY to make that happen?


PS Tomorrow night (Tuesday 4th December) we will be hosting the 5 Keys to Successful Exhibiting training from 6pm in Doncaster. Be my guest and use the promo code EASCOMP for your ticket at my expense. To register or find out more details, visit

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