Best Advice EVER!


Whatever your business is, you have to have fun.

The Minister of Fun once told me the secret. If it’s not fun, don’t do it. If you have to do it, make it fun.

Too many business owners lose track of this. I constantly come across WAHMs (work at home mums/work at home men) who decide that now the kids have grown a bit, they want to start a business.
The business starts and is low key for awhile. Then it starts to grow. All of a sudden they don’t have time for the stuff they used to do. Coffee with friends falls by the wayside. They start working late into the night. Weekends become a distant memory. The business is doing ok but still needs a lot of hands on work to keep it going. It is becoming a real burden and the fun left months ago!!


It MUST be fun!

When I am working with my Exhibiting clients, they seem to think that when exhibiting it is all about business and you have to be serious because I am spending serious money, doing serious marketing and seriously wanting this to work. The best thing to do when exhibiting? Smile!! It is so attractive. Have fun with the visitors, have a bit of a joke and they will relax a bit and be open to your offering.

How can you make your office, your business, your life have more fun? We all know what it’s like. Sometimes we are hit by such challenges that if we didn’t laugh we would burst into tears. Most of these challenges, when reflected back on 6, 12 or 18 months later were not as important as we thought. So have a chuckle and look for the fun side. We are only human after all.

Too many business owners don’t give themselves permission to relax, enjoy and have fun. It is like they are waiting for some authority to majestically grant them permission. Well if that is you, then here it is:

I, Warwick Merry – The Get More Guy, by the power granted to me by the Minister of Fun do solemnly, seriously and sillily give you the everlasting permission to have fun, laugh and play in all that you do. Should anyone question your permission, simply state that the Minister for Fun and the Get More Guy said you had to Get More Fun.

Whew!! Now it is safe to have fun. I am yet to find a situation where it is not ok to have a little fun. Think about a funeral. As you are at the wake chatting to others and reflecting on your friend, what is better for you? The time you are all serious, considering how sad it is or when you are laughing as you recollect the silly things that they said, did or enjoyed? It doesn’t mean it is not sad or tragic but you can shift your perspective to the blessings they brought into your life.

Ooops, that’s a little dark, but you get the point.

So how can you make your work fun? One of my business partners sends frog lollies with all of her invoices (her customers now fight over who gets to open the invoice). Others put one liner jokes in their news letters. Some share their stunning photos with their business network. Others simply smile as much as they can. When I am chatting to people and they ask “How are you?” I reply, “Delightful!” These are only little things but they make a huge difference.

I am committed to having fun in all that I do and I tell you, it makes things so much more bearable and enjoyable. What will you do?

Enjoy the day


PS Did you know that smiling releases endorphins into the body? Did you know that endorphins are essentially human made morphine? Did you know that the body cannot tell the difference between a fake smile and a real one? So basically, if you start smiling (real or fake) your body will start to feel happy and your mind can only follow it. 
Here are a few smiles if you need them :D 8-) :lol:

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