BioGuard Connect

BioGuard Connect 
A big HELLO POSSUMS to all of my BioGuard friends.
I trust that after the conference you are all feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and are now fired up to make 2010/2011 your best year ever.  I suspect that there may be some of you who are thinking “Did I actually go to the conference?  I have been busy, hasn’t time flown!!”
Knowing that it is challenging to absorb everything, build an action plan and put it all into place, I thought I would give you a little bit of help.  A couple of people have contacted me asking for a little more information after the conference.  It seems to me that nothing could be better than sitting through my Get More from Local Area Marketing session all over again!!  Let’s make it a little easier though.  I was able to record the session I ran at the conference and as my gift to you, I would like you to download a copy here.
Get More from Local Area Marketing – 45MB file  (about 5 mins on broadband)
  • Simply right click on the link above
  • Select “Save Link As” 
  • specify a location on your hard drive to save it. 
Once it is on your hard drive, you can upload it into iTunes or your media player and play it on your iPhone, iPod, phone or portable music player.  You could even burn it onto a CD and play it in the car (if your car CD player plays MP3 files).
If you are having trouble with this, call me on 0408 592 158 and I will walk you through it or you could always get a teenager to help!!
Now you can listen to it again(and again and again…) to get further information out of it that you may have missed the first time as well as revisiting the key points you got first time around.
While you are here, please use the box to the left to sign up to the Get More Goer.  It is a small weekly email that keeps you fired up for the week and shares a quirky observation on life and work.  It comes out every Monday (except when I forget, so then it’s a Tuesday!)
  • In the Name box type your full name
  • In the email box type your email address
  • Click the Subscribe button 
I had a stack of fun at the Darwin Conference.  It was great to Connect with you all.  If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Warm regards
Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy 
Dame Edna


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