Can You Do It Again?

Cust SvceAccording to a recent American Express Global Customer Service Barometer Survey 25% of Australians think businesses take their custom for granted while 10% think businesses don’t care about them at all! Is your business like that? Is the service you give like that?

Speaking to the Master of Million Dollar Relationships, Danielle Storey, the secret to continuous excellence in customer service is consistency. While it is important to have some kind of process to provide excellent customer service, once is not enough. Whether you are giving great service to your customers, your internal customers or even your suppliers, you need to be able to do it time and time and time again.

From simply answering the phone in a professional manner, welcoming people who come into your business, thanking customers for paying their invoices or having an ongoing loyalty program, it is consistency that really counts. Make sure your systems and process are simple and straight forward enough so you can do it again and again and again.

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