Did You Read The Signs?

At a recent webinar for Exhibitors, I stressed the point that your signage has to be simple, focussed on the visitor and it has to make it easy to be a customer. Wifey and I saw this sign at an airport in India during our recent trip. It hit all the right buttons!
It was simple – Only 3 words
It was focussed on me – Just in case I thought to bribe/tip someone
It made it easy – I had no question on whether I should bribe/tip someone or not.
How many times have you seen banners or signs loaded with words that you don’t read?Maybe you do read them and you find that it is all about the vendor and telling you how good that they are.The reality is you customer does not care. Their focus is firmly on themselves and their own needs.
How is your signage? Do you read your signs with your customer’s shoes on?

PS If you want more tips on How

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