Do People Listen To You?

Do People Listen To You?

Be Heard

Too often when you want to be heard, people are in their own heads, on their phone, or simply hearing without listening to you. Communication is so important in this day an age but sometimes the act of speaking with presence can be a challenge.

How can you have Presence at your next meeting, when talking with your friends or when you truly need to communicate and be heard? Shouting doesn’t work (ask any parent) but there are some great techniques that do help.

If you want to be heard, on Thursday 20th June at 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time I will be running a 45 minute session on 5 Keys to Get the Response You Want.

As my regular readers, I also want to give you the chance to bring any questions you have about communication to the session to give you a boost.
You also get access to the recording if you can’t make it at that time (but it is better if you can be there).

As they say in the classics “How much would you expect to pay?”

The answer – nothing!  It is my gift to you, regardless of where you are in the world.

Numbers are limited so click here to  Register Now

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