Do you Lead or will you Get Out of the Way?

It’s the last of our micro leadership course. So there is a bonus.  This time there are FOUR skills to focus on.

Your four leadership skills are:

Act – Talking and thinking won’t get the results that Action will. Leadership is not a theory, it is an action. So take action and be the leader you want to be.

Authenticity – Be yourself. Get inspiration and ideas from others but be yourself. Adapt the ideas and skills to your style. It will then be natural for you to lead.

Appreciate – Thank the people who support you and your team, regardless of how small their contribution. Words and gestures of appreciation make a far bigger difference that you can imagine.  Even if someone is doing what they are supposed to, showing appreciation makes a big difference.

Share – A leader takes a little more than their fair share of the blame and a little less than their fair share of the accolades. Have some humility.  It will make you more attractive as a leader and will create a massive sense of loyalty in those around you.

Don’t forget to measure your progress.  Using the ten simple leadership skills you have received over the last three weeks will make a huge difference in what you can achieve as a team in your personal and professional life.

Go for it!

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