Fanfare for the Common Man

Fanfare for the Common Man

Fanfare for the Common Man - Robert Clinch

During the course of the weekend, Wifey and I did a road trip to Ballarat. A cruisy two hour drive. Serendipitously we ended up at the art gallery and were delighted by an exhibition of works by Robert Clinch. His works were stunning.

We were thrilled to see some of the detail in his studies for the final pieces, tickled by the play on words of the names of his pieces and impressed by the way the gallery had displayed them to highlight their features.

Frequently, as the title of the exhibition and the piece above convey, they celebrated the common things in life. The simple act of playing a trombone, a truck being loaded at the docks, the monolithical creation of a warehouse and paper planes.

What are the seemingly ordinary and common things in your life you wish to celebrate? The writing a letter to a friend, maybe taking a dog for a walk or even the simple joy of rain pouring down making magical music. Sometimes it is not just the extraordinary that needs to be celebrated but the average, everyday, mundane and seeming boring things that make life worthwhile.

If you need a sound track for the celebration of the mundane then click here for the original piece of music titled “Fanfare for the Common Man” by Aaron Copland and click here for the Emerson, Lake and Palmer version.

What will you celebrate with a Fanfare for the Common Man (and woman)?


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