I Like the Way You Move

Moving house – one of the most skillful things you can do. From the Tetris skills needed in packing boxes in to the back of the truck to the negotiating skills with a loved one of what stays and what goes. Multiple skills are applied at different times, all with a healthy helping of Stress Management.

My brother and his girlfriend (the lovely  H – pronounced Aitch and not Haitch) are moving. Over the weekend we were talking about it. Super Soph (a professional organiser at Little Miss Sorted) gave some awesome advice to help with the process and minimise effort.

The secret to successful moving is that you always move TO a place and not FROM a place.

That is, only take to the new place what you need there. What is the point of packing everything in boxes only to have to throw 1/3rd of it out when you finally go through each of the boxes. You need to get ruthless in getting rid of excess stuff. My personal moving motto is “When in doubt, chuck it out.”

Whether you are moving home, moving your office, or simply shipping items for your next Expo stand, make sure your focus is on what you want at the new site and not what you have at the old site. It will make a massive difference to you. 


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