Is Your Name Up In Lights?

I get asked a lot of questions about Signage and Marketing, particularly in relation to exhibiting and sponsoring events.

I am a fan of signage that is simple, easy to read and has a easy call to action. It HAS to make it EASY to be a customer.

A new form of signage I have come across recently is Hyped Media’s LED Trucks. As you can

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see in the image above, they use digital images (stills and video’s) to promote your business and it’s wares.

While it would be easy to get over excited about how sexy it is, never forget that you need a reason for your signage and you need it to have a great call to action. With technology now, I would strongly look at using in conjunction with a prospects mobile phone.

That is, direct them to the special deal, registration, free download, free app, massive discount, competition or something of great perceived value to your key target market. In the process, they MUST register so you can capture their details and put them in your marketing funnel.

How can you put your name up in lights?

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