Lessons from the Prime Minister

Lessons from the Prime Minister

PM Letter

I must be important because the Prime Minister of Australia has sent me a personal email!

But here’s the thing. I don’t remember giving him my email address.

When I look closer at the email, it doesn’t actually say anything but position Kevin as the underdog and ask for money to help fight the good fight. In fact it gives me 3 opportunities to give him money.
Here are the key things I got from his email:

  • Spam is spam. No matter who it comes from. Be better than the PM and only put people on your list when you have permission
  • If you are asking for money, show the value. Either give me something (if can be no cost to you like a digital image) but I need something in return for my money (and not just empty promises)
  • Differentiate yourself. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between Kevin and Abbott (as referred to in the letter). Can your clients tell the difference between you and your competitor?
  • Show some respect – to yourself and others. In signing off his letter as Kevin, he becomes common. YOU ARE THE PRIME MINISTER! Show some respect for the office as well as your competitor. Mr Abbott sounds so much nicer than Abbott. Do you show respect to others?
  • Create a vision for me to see. It may be me with your product or service, it maybe the life I never dreamt of, it maybe a feeling I get but give me something to hold on to. Kevin says he has a vision but I don’t know what it is. Would your clients know what vision you have for them?
  • Be original. This email feels like it is a left over from a successful Obama campaign. Imitation may be flattery but it does not always lead to success.

To be really up front with you, I still don’t know who to vote for. I will probably decide on election day but I must say, this email did Kevin no favours at all.

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