Play with the Dog!

Wifey and I had a delightful extravagant meal of fish and chips on the beach during the week. I am sure you don’t care but I saw something that made me think.

A young woman took her dog to the beach for a walk and a play. As she got to the beach I noticed she was on the mobile.
The dog was running back and forth, sooooo excited to be at the beach, but she was on the mobile.
Running into the waves, the dog splashed and then ran back to its owner to share the excitement, but she was on the mobile.
She gave a token toss of a ball and

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the dog was off like a rocket, chasing and enjoying the evening to bring the ball (it’s own little gift of love) back to the woman, but she was on the mobile.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever been like the dog? Maybe you were speaking to your manager or boss and they were on the phone or simply distracted and not listening. Maybe you were recounting your day to your loved one and they were not listening but simply waiting to tell you about theirs.

It doesn’t feel good does it?

Have you ever been like the woman, that is been physically there but not actually present? Maybe your kids were playing but you were just instructing rather than down on the floor on your hands and knees playing FULL ON! Maybe your team were telling you about some of their issues and you listened in a token manner but didn’t hear what was truly happening for them. Maybe your partner wanted to engage with you on a fun activity and you were just playing on the surface.

How do you think your kids, your team and your partner felt?

How much better would the dog have felt if the young woman left the phone at home and played FULL ON with the dog? Was really present for the dog? Also, how much better would the woman have felt if she truly connected with the dog and played FULL ON?

If you are going to do something (whether you want to do it or not), I believe you should do it FULL ON. Not just because it is better for others but also because you will enjoy it more and Get More out of it.

Next time, play with the Dog!


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