What a Disaster!

I couldn’t believe it! I was just giving myself a “tidy up trim” an hour before I flew out to work for three days on an Expo with a major client and a DISASTER happened!  

Being male and with a simple hair style means that I cut my own hair.  Simple “Number 2” attachment on the clippers and just move it all over my head.  I also have a technique to tidy the base of the hair cut at the back.  Just take off the attachment and trim a little with my guide.

Naturally, as a well trained husband I then show my “new do” to wifey for the final approval.  In business you always ask for a second opinion, this is just the same.  She spotted a few “tufty bits” at the back so I returned to the bathroom to trim them. A quick trim and then…… hang on….. that is way more hair falling off than a “tuft”.


I had neglected to put the Number 2 attachment back on so now I had a Number 0 on the crown of my head!!  I couldn’t cover it up, I couldn’t “blend” it in.  There was no alternative, it all had to come off.  What a disaster!!!  Here is the result.

The surprising thing is that several of the exhibitors mentioned how much they liked my hair cut when I was coaching them.  They didn’t even realise I wear my hair longer.  But most people didn’t even notice.  Have you noticed that happening in your business and in your life?  Something happens that you swear is a major catastrophe, the worst thing that could possibly happen, we will never get over it, how can we cope……. but most people don’t notice or just don’t care.

My hair will grow back (well… most of it), your situation will resolve one way or the other. Life and business continues.  Don’t get distracted by your own perspective. Keep your focus on what counts for your customers.


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