What Counts?

What Counts?


It is very easy to get hooked up

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on the material things. It is easy to get swept up in the loop of “must make money, must save money, must spend money.”

So what really counts?

The answer is different for everyone and sometimes the answer doesn’t present itself until much later in life.
I would strongly suggest to you that Money is only one way to measure what counts and there are a plethora of other ways.

Is it living in the country, running your own business, being creative, singing to an audience, having a family, creating a garden, being an active member of the community, being a person of faith, laughing with friends, learning new skills, reading, travelling, caring for others, your fitness, owning your own home, sharing your own home, sharing someone else’s home… there is no end to the list.

What is important is to decide for yourself what really counts and then pursue it regardless of what others say.

So Friends what really counts for you?

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