What Do You Want?

Party Tram

I was out for dinner with friends last week and we saw one of those rare beasts, a Party Tram!  You can tell it’s a Party Tram because that’s what the sign says on it. There is no confusion, it is really quite obvious and if you are after the Party Tram you know which one it is.

I am like the Party Tram. When Wifey and I got together five years ago I told her:

“I am a mere male. I don’t respond well to subtle comments, hints, implications or suggestions. If you want something you MUST be blatant and tell me directly that way you have more chance of getting it.”

It was a great ground rule that has served us well.

Clients and prospects are the same. When it comes to your products and services, you cannot be subtle, hint, imply or suggest. TELL THEM what you do and make it easy for them to find out about it. Just like the Party Tram does it!  

Several of my exhibiting clients have found this fabulous advice. Rather than have a booth that is about their brand with subtle hints on what they have and want their clients to do, bold signs with information or prices encourage prospects into action. 

So what do you want your prospects to do?

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