What’s the One Thing?

Sleep at ExpoWhat’s The One Thing?

A colleague of mine sent me this photo last week. It seems this gent was a bit tired at the expo stand so thought he would take a nap. I think I need to add this to my list of “Things not to do when exhibiting” – fall asleep! Although, maybe he was just modelling for the coffins you see in the background!

I am often asked by people, what’s the one thing that you can do at an Expo that makes the biggest difference. There is one thing that comes to my mind straight away. It makes the biggest difference when Exhibiting, Sponsoring or even attending to the everyday aspects of your work and your social life. That one thing is to smile more.

You would think it would be obvious but too often the expression on your face is different to what you think or want. A smile can relax you, relax your guest, put you in a better mood, release endorphins, create a better environment and quite simply, power up your attitude.

Your mission today, should you accept it, is to smile more. Are you up to it?

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