Who is Driving?

When it is time to make decisions (important or otherwise) who is driving? It is you or your ego?

My ego wanted to kick in this week and I struggled to keep it at bay. Wifey and I bought a new car. As a male, I wanted the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles and for it to be brand new and shiny!

Once I was able to put my ego to one side I could see that as much as I wanted a shiny new car, a 10% saving on the cost of the car to have a one year old model with 10 thousand kilometres on the clock made sense. The difference between the two cars was minimal (16 inch rims vs 17 inch rims).  

Even though I could tell myself “I am worth a new car” (and I know I am), the 10% saving was worth it. Now I can invest that 10% rather than just spending it.

When you are making your decisions, how big an impact does your ego have? Don’t get me wrong, as the Skyhooks said, “Ego is not a dirty word”. But we need to make sure that our ego is not driving us.

So who is driving?

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