Why Are You Paying For It?

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Why Are You Paying For It?

Many business run different events. They could be internal team building, internal state of the nation, external marketing events or simply a client get together with some valuable information presented. My question for you is “Why are you paying for it?”

It is increasingly accepted by participants that there will be an event sponsor. The big sporting events are even named after them, KFC cricket, KIA tennis, NAB football, this list goes on.

So why not you?

I recently ran an event for 30 prospects with my business partner. We had a sponsor cover the costs of the event (minimising risk for us). The sponsor had his suppliers give him promotional materials for all participants and he got to address and network with his target market (and has since signed up new clients from the event).

My challenge for you is to get a sponsor for you next event that minimises your risk, enhances your event and even pays for the event. Why are you paying for it?

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