15 (more) Seconds of Fame

I was unexpectedly on radio this week.

My lovely friends Mel Kettle and Annette Jones were on ABC Brisbane 612 as part of the festival of Brisbane Podcasts. As part of their segment, they played some excepts from recent guests including when I was a guest.

You can see them in action here courtesy of the host Spencer Howson:

To check out the whole audio, including my fabulous 15 seconds of glory, head on over to the ABC site here.

Darren Rowse and Jo Whitton were also excerpted (is that a word?) but if click on their names you can hear their whole podcast. You can hear Spencer’s podcast here (yes, he was a guest as well) and my edition here (they call me a Poodle Daddy!) but you really want to check out The Activity Pod at their website.