Are You In Control?

Are you in control?

There are so many people in the workplace who continually quest for control. Unfortunately for them, control is an illusion.

It seems to be that just when you think you’re in control something will happen to show you that it is clearly not the case. For example, my year was starting very well. I had my marketing and sales process is all down pat. I was firing on all cylinders … and then I broke my leg! Spending four months sitting in a chair definitely had an impact!

This weekend I got to see Australia’s premier improvisations troop, Impro Melbourne, in action. While watching the show, it made me think that the only way to stay in control is to be aware that you truly never have control. Rather than fighting for control, it’s all about being able to influence the situation that you’re in.

Watching the Director’s trying to influence a situation, giving the actors the freedom to do what they think best within some loose guidelines, created some amazing performances. It is the willingness to trust others and understand that they are all working towards the larger goal that gives both freedom and a sense of control.

You never know what someone else will do with the words that you say, the emails you send, or the input you give. All you truly have control over is your reaction to it.

So the purist form of control is understanding that you have no control whatsoever. Simply being in the moment and being willing to take responsibility for the situation and your response to it is enough.

Are you in control?