When Was Your Last Holiday?

This blog comes to you while I am gallivanting around the Sri Lankan countryside. I have left the computer at home and will be having three weeks to just relax. But that is not the Australian way. We call ourselves

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People are Lovely!

Hi All

I find Marketing to be a delicate balance between telling people how damn good you are and humbly sharing the results you have been able to achieve.

In this vein, I wanted to share with you some lovely

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Why Would You Tear Them Down?

Cut TreeLast week wifey and I had 18 trees cut down out of our front and back yard.  It was not something we did lightly and it does prompt the question, “Why would you tear them down?
The majority of them …

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What a Disaster!

I couldn’t believe it! I was just giving myself a “tidy up trim” an hour before I flew out to work for three days on an Expo with a major client and a DISASTER happened!  

Being male and with a

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Why Not?

Last week I said goodbye to an amazing friend of mine, Jen. She has battled four different types of cancer over the last 10 years and it finally took its toll. Yes it is sad that she died, but let’s …

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Do You Look After Your Self?

I was suffering from Man Flu last week.  Men are always the last to know that they have it.  Luckily wifey was able to point it out to me.  It is when a man has a slight cold but they

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Avoid the Empty Aisle Syndrome

I was looking at my Twitter stream recently and saw some disturbing pictures from @TimboReid as he was visiting an Expo in Melbourne.  The scariest of which was this one:

Scary expo, huh?

Unfortunately exhibitors get into the habit of expecting the organiser

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Marketing via Humour

A friend just sent me this joke email
Instructions for a fun time on the interstate  

Step 1. Tie 3 balloons to your pickup truck…
Step 2. Drive like a bat out of a hell!
Step 3. Watch people

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Do You Hear Voices?

Yesterday I was contemplating the old saying “The person who says something can’t be done is usually interrupted by someone doing it.”  I am not sure if it is a quote, saying, proverb or adage, but its meaning is true.

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Are you Good or are you There?

I heard at a National Speakers Association of Australia meeting that there is a difference between being Good and being There.  (Sorry I can’t recall who said it!)
Basically what they said was, are you rewriting, practicing, polishing, learning, waiting,

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Challenge Update – Don’t Put It Off!

So far so good.

I have been drinking the water, doing the classes, doing push ups in the comfort of my own home and even doing extra exercise!!

Little observation though, skipping is way harder than I first thought. I

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Need a Challenge?

Everyone loves a challenge (or so the saying goes).  I am just about to start the Step Into Life Winter Challenge.  Let me explain…..

First we need to back track a little.  Some of you may know that I am

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Need More Adventure?

Need More Adventure?

When was your last “Adventure”?  I don’t mean tracking wombats through the state forest (although some people may have done that), I mean done something that is an adventure for you.  Something that gets your heart racing, …

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