Do You Feel Special?

More importantly than do you feel special, do you make your customers, your prospects or your team feel special?
The research has shown what many of us knew instinctively. Customer loyalty and purchase decisions are more based on how your …

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What Were You Thinking?

A strange thing happened to me on Thursday.  
Mum was down from Queensland visiting and she was spending the last couple of days with me.  As well as going for a spin in Candy (The V8 Mustang that is wifey’s …

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Sales Tips from a 10 Year Old Sri Lankan

It is amazing what you can learn in the strangest of places.
On the road from Colombo to Yala I learnt a valuable sales tip that is applicable to any sales situation but particularly to exhibitors. All across Sri Lanka …

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Do You Go To The Butcher For Bread?

Co Homa The Machan – That is Singhalese (Sri Lankan) for “Hello Good Friend”.  Wifey and I are back from three fabulous weeks in Sri Lanka.  It was an amazing trip with far too much to tell in the Get

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What is All This About Climate Change?


You may have noticed that the weather has started to warm up. Melbourne has had a very cold winter this year and many of us are excited about the prospect of temperatures above 15 degrees C! But I noticed something …

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Would You Like A Drink?

One of the things that many people forget to do is drink.  I don’t mean whip down to the pub and have a sly bevy, I mean drink plenty of fluids during the day.  Too often we can get so

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When Was Your Last Holiday?

This blog comes to you while I am gallivanting around the Sri Lankan countryside. I have left the computer at home and will be having three weeks to just relax. But that is not the Australian way. We call ourselves

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People are Lovely!

Hi All

I find Marketing to be a delicate balance between telling people how damn good you are and humbly sharing the results you have been able to achieve.

In this vein, I wanted to share with you some lovely

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Why Would You Tear Them Down?

Cut TreeLast week wifey and I had 18 trees cut down out of our front and back yard.  It was not something we did lightly and it does prompt the question, “Why would you tear them down?
The majority of them …

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What a Disaster!

I couldn’t believe it! I was just giving myself a “tidy up trim” an hour before I flew out to work for three days on an Expo with a major client and a DISASTER happened!  

Being male and with a

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Why Not?

Last week I said goodbye to an amazing friend of mine, Jen. She has battled four different types of cancer over the last 10 years and it finally took its toll. Yes it is sad that she died, but let’s …

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Do You Look After Your Self?

I was suffering from Man Flu last week.  Men are always the last to know that they have it.  Luckily wifey was able to point it out to me.  It is when a man has a slight cold but they

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Avoid the Empty Aisle Syndrome

I was looking at my Twitter stream recently and saw some disturbing pictures from @TimboReid as he was visiting an Expo in Melbourne.  The scariest of which was this one:

Scary expo, huh?

Unfortunately exhibitors get into the habit of expecting the organiser

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