The Buck Stops Here

Image: ShutterStock

I am thrilled to announce that effective today I am the National President of Professional Speakers Australia.

I have always believed in professional associations and being a member is not enough. To me, it is important that you contribute to the industry to which you belong. I have served several positions but this is the top one.

The Buck Stops Here.

Our industry has challenges, our association has challenges and our marketplace has challenges. They are not to be shied away from but to be faced and dealt with as best as possible.

We have a great board and a strong team in each state, but still hard decisions need to me made and tough situations need to be faced. I am happy to delegate to get some of these things done but ultimately…

The Buck Stops Here.

Spiderman’s uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

I think the reverse is also true. With great responsibility comes great power.

I now have a responsibility to use my presidential power in a way that supports and grows all of our members, the market place and our suppliers and customers. It won’t be easy, I may make mistakes but I will attack this role with enthusiasm and great joy knowing that at all times, The Buck Stops Here.