How Is Your Service?

What an amazing week in Abu Dhabi. So many amazing experiences and a great view from the lunch restaurant!

Grand Mosque

One of the things that I found fabulous was the level of service.

No, I was not staying at a 6, 7 or 8 star hotel, but it seemed no matter where you went the service was great.

What was the key thing that made the service so great? The assistants, waiters, hoteliers, AV crew, hosts were all smiling and happy.

You genuinely felt that they wanted you to have a good time and an enjoyable experience.

It proved to me that great customer service is a choice. You get to choose your attitude and the energy it takes to give a little extra is minimal.

So how is your service? Do you give good internal customer service as well as external customer service?

It’s a choice!


As a little bonus, I shot a quick video (less than a minute!) when I was in Abu Dhabi on some of the service. Enjoy!

PS This concept of using a name was confirmed during my flight home. I noticed that the flight attendants name was Leanne (she was wearing a name tag).

So when she asked did I want chicken or fish, I replied “Can I have the chicken thank Leanne”.

She paused and said, “Thank you so much for using my name. I really appreciate it and wish more people would”. She then took great care of me on the way home and said thank you again as I left the plane.

Names are important. Use them as often as you can.

Warwick In Action