How to Get The Help You Need

In business and in life, people often lament that nobody offered to help them. No one gave them the assistance that others received.

Today I will share with you the magic secret to get that help you need. It is mysterious, confronting and it can be challenging. 

Are you ready?


My gorgeous wife has been trapped at home on the couch with a broken foot for three weeks and she has another three weeks to go. She is slowly going out of her mind (and that’s just putting up with me) so she needs some entertainment. She has been calling her friends and arranging lunch dates, cup of tea dates and “just get me out of the house” dates and they have willingly answered her call for help.

My mentoring clients have approached me saying, “I want to take my business to the next level” or “I would like to have a social life” or whatever their need is and we are working together to create that.

In my professional association, speakers will often approach other speakers saying, “I want to be able to do some of what you do, can you give me an hour of your time and share the secrets.” They willingly do so to help grow the industry.

So what do you need? Now find the right person and go and ask for it.